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Logical Solutions to Guns in Society

Guns? Guns? What is the logical solution to guns in our society?

First, guns must be allowed lawfully.

Second, a person should be 21 to possess a gun and/or use it.

Third, guns should only be allowed to person owning a license to posses and/or use it.

Guns should be allowed because in societies where they are totally banned sometimes despots too easily can take control of a country.

A person should be 21 to, hopefully, have enough maturity to be responsible.

A gun owner or user would have a license to own a gun specifying what kind, or kinds, he/she can legally own and/or use.

No one is supposed to drive a car without a driver's license. How much more important should it be to have a license to own a weapon whose use is much more likely to cause death or serious harm?

By: Louise D. Palmer. This article appeared in the Skagit Valley Herald Tuesday, June 8th, 1999. Page A4.