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Same-Sex Marriage

As senator I'll work for the rights of all people. Generally speaking gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual people most desire to be treated the same as any other United States citizen.

Some of the most frequent complaints about todays marriage laws, that I would address would be as follows:

1) Partner denied a say in burial conditions, and barred from funeral.
2) A partner loosing a home and other property to suits from a deceased partner's relatives.
3) No insurance through a partner's workplace.
4) Being forced to testify against their partner.
5) Denial of access to a partner in hospital or prison.
6) Couples cannot get one insurance policy for their apartment.
7) Bi-national couples being forced apart because their partner cannot legally stay in the United States. I have personal account that this is a real problem with other national couples.

It has been unjust for the people of this great nation to standby any longer and let discrimination rein any longer. For the time is now to legalize same-sex marriage.

Ron Mullins, Candidate for United States Senate - Democrat

Demain, co-director; Partnership Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples; date: July 23, 1999.