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Ron Mullins for United States Senate - Dem.

To Make a Donation or Volunteer:

This is the part of the election I personally do not care for. However, if I am going to be successful in becoming the next Senator from Washington State will take money. The money will be used to get the message out to the public.

The whole election system is setup by the drive of money within a campaign. Candidates making deals and selling souls for the opportunity to serve the people.

I ask how can you serve the best interest of the people if you have accepted money for your campaign with the promise to help someone or organization in a manner in which you would not have helped without the money.

Ask for no donations from any individual or organization that excepts anything other than what they would receive without a donation. So do not give if you except something extra.

Have been confronted by individuals that have made me promises on how much they could raise for my campaign or endorsements I could receive. However, those in the past that have made these offers have asked for me to change my platform on certain issues.

My platform issues are not for sale. If I started to compromise my issues even before I become Senator, I ask myself what kind of Senator will I really be?

I want to be your representative to the United States Senate. But I do not want to be a puppet of special interest groups or individuals. I am who I am. Don't mind listening and learning from others; however I am not for sale.

Your donations are needed if you understand the terms of the donation.

For those that may not have any money; however they would like to help in the campaign you can e-mail at: or write the address at the bottom of the page. For truly those that give of themselves truly give more than money can buy.

For Donation & Volunteering:
Citizen's for Mullins
P.O. Box F-1
Elma, Washington 98541