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Ron Mullins for United States Senate Democrat

Need to hear from you.

As a voter your participation really is important. I want people to have faith that political system can really work for you. As your next Senator I'll represent all the people for which I was elected to serve.

This is a campaign on faith in the government for which we once had great pride in. Reason for bad laws are because good people fail to act.

I Ron Mullins want to hear from you. Need to know what you want see as personal qualities for your next Senator. What do you see as being the role of the United States government in the years ahead having to do with what ever issues you feel are important.

E-mail your responses to: I will try to do my best to answer each of your e-mails personally. For if you take the time out to contact me, I'll take the time to contact you. Please provide your input so I may better serve the citizens of Washington State & United States.